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So, how many miles can you put on an electric vehicle ( EV) in eight months? If you're Mini E driver Tom Moloughney, the correct answer is more than 21,000. Moloughney, who owns a restaurant in New Jersey and drives back and forth in his Mini E every day, is quite proud of just how much use he's gotten from his EV and the gallons of gas (1,166) and quarts of oil (30) he's saved because of this plug-in car. For those 21,000 miles, he's needed to pay about $650 in electricity costs, which is way lower than a gasoline vehicle's running costs. All in all, he's quite happy as you can read.

Getting satisfaction from a plug-in car seems to be the norm for most early adopters. As Plug In America's Linda Nicholes writes in a post about Moloughney's achievement:
Many of us RAV4 EV drivers enjoy chatting about the mileage we've amassed on our trusty RAVs in 7 or 8 or 9 years, and justifiably so. In fact, some RAV drivers do have real-world bragging rights on 110,000 120,000 and even 180,000 miles in that time span which has thankfully served to "out" the lie of auomakers' past declarations that "batteries just aren't there yet."
And let's not forget that BMW must be pretty pleased to be getting extensive real-world test numbers from Moloughney's Mini E. Wonder what he could do with the next EV in BMW's lease line-up, the production version of the ActiveE.

[Source: Tom Moloughney, Green Car Advisor, In The Driver's Seat]

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