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From our vantage point the 2010 Chevrolet Equinox is a monumental upgrade from the Bowtie brand's first generation midsize crossover. General Motors seems to be pretty proud of its work as well, as the automaker has poured cash into advertising its first post-bankruptcy success story.

One such marketing exercise involving the Equinox is captured in the General's inaugural Department 180 video. The videos seek to showcase the improved quality of Chevy-branded vehicles, with the engineers co-starring in the spots along with the cars and trucks. The Equinox gets the first turn at bat in the new series, with employees showing how they tested the crossover to ensure that it had a quiet cabin.

The first test involves filling the cabin with a thick cloud of smoke, then checking every crevice of the vehicle to ensure nothing seeps out. The second, unofficial test is slightly less scientific and you can check out both in the video after the jump.

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