Audi's Green Police Super Bowl ad for clean diesel technology and the A3 TDI has gotten a bit of negative attention, but some parts of the campaign have gone unnoticed. For example, did you know that none other than Cheap Trick provided the soundtrack for the ad? They did, and the band even went back to the studio to re-record their hit Dream Police as, surprise, Green Police. Maybe this is why names like Eco Police or Enviro Police – names that wouldn't have caused any sort of uproar – were not chosen.

Audi of America's chief marketing officer, Scott Keogh, said in a statement that:
We have no doubt that viewers will walk away from the Super Bowl with that song playing in their heads. It is certain to make the environmental message behind the Green Police ad hard to forget.
You can hear for yourself by listening to the track and/or downloading the MP3 after the jump. See a teaser video for the Green Police campaign here.

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Green Police Super Bowl Ad by Audi is Fueled by Cheap Trick Track Now Available to Download

HERNDON, Va., Feb. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Green Police, the Audi commercial already being touted as one to watch on Super Bowl Sunday, takes an entertaining approach to the choices we can all make to benefit the environment.

The obvious point of the Green Police commercial is to tell American viewers that one of the easiest green choices they can make is to drive the 2010 Green Car of the Year, the Audi A3 TDI clean diesel luxury car.

But one aspect of the Green Police ad that's certain to remain with viewers of the Super Bowl is ... the music. Audi asked Cheap Trick to return to the recording studio to remake the rock band's classic hit "Dream Police" for a big Super Bowl presentation. The result? "Green Police" a song that combines the message of the A3 TDI Green Car of the Year win and the high-energy beat of the original tune.

"We have no doubt that viewers will walk away from the Super Bowl with that song playing in their heads," said Scott Keogh, Audi of America Chief Marketing Officer. "It is certain to make the environmental message behind the Green Police ad hard to forget."

Now, fans of Cheap Trick, Audi or catchy advertising tunes can listen to the band's Green Police track at this address:

The Green Police Super Bowl ad marks the third straight year Audi has played a prominent role in the NFL championship game, which draws 100 million viewers each year. The size of that audience makes it a natural advertising venue for Audi, which favors high-impact positions for its marketing efforts. It is also a premier platform to build even more awareness of the A3 TDI and the Green Car of the Year awarded in December by Green Car Journal at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

For Cheap Trick, the role in the Audi Green Police Super Bowl ad comes as it continues an international tour with concerts in places ranging from Toronto to Los Angeles.

For more information on the band's plans, go to:


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