Audi Green Police Campaign – Click above to watch the video after the break

Green Police... it's a concept that seems innocent enough at first glance, right? Apparently, though, Audi's use of the term "Green Police" has some people up in arms. We'll get to the why and how in a moment, but first, an explanation is in order. Audi has created a new social media campaign that will go along with a planned commercial during the Super Bowl, and the marketing will feature a made-up law enforcement agency called the Green Police.

A little kitschy, sure, but is it really that bad? Well, consider the fact that during World War II, the Green Police were a group that was affiliated with Nazi persecution and other mass atrocities, and, well... it's a bit easier to understand why some are taking offense. Especially as the marketing message comes from a German automaker. Naturally, though, we all get the joke, and it seems extremely unlikely that Audi is purposefully trying to ruffle any feathers.

In any case, feel free to click on past the jump to see one of the videos causing all the tension. What say you? Offensive... or much ado about nothing?

*UPDATE: Audi responds.


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