Elderly driver crashes Camry into laundromat, blames unintended acceleration

We knew this would happen, and it didn't take long at all. A Pennsylvania woman has crashed her 2007 Toyota Camry into a Montgomery County laundromat on Wednesday, and she's blaming the ordeal on unintended acceleration. It was the unruly accelerator, officer! The 68-year-old woman was attempting to park her Camry when the sedan allegedly took off all by itself. The vehicle crashed through a window into a bank of washing machines and thankfully no one was injured. The 2007 Camry is among the vehicles affected by Toyota's recall of millions of vehicles for unintended acceleration claims.

A laundromat employee told the local CBS affiliate that the woman said she "pushed on the gas and then she tried to stop and she just went forward. She couldn't stop." Lt. John Weed of the Cheltenham Township Police Department told CBS 3 that the woman reported she "was shifting the car into Park, she was parking the vehicle, that's when it suddenly accelerated." When the CTPD arrived at the accident scene, the floor mat was reportedly on the pedal, though investigators told the CBS affiliate that it may have moved from the impact. That the floor mat was laying atop the pedal is significant, however, considering that one of Toyota's two latest recalls (and its largest ever) involves floormats that can pin accelerators to the floor.

The minute these two Toyota recalls were announced (the second is for defective accelerator pedal mechanisms that could stick), we suspected every Tom, Jane and Harry would claim that any accidents involving Toyota and Lexus vehicles were the fault of these defective parts and not possibly the driver. Of course, we have no reason to doubt this woman's story and the investigation is ongoing, but we're also going to take these claims with a grain of salt going forward.

[Source: CBS | Image: Google Maps]

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