Putting an aerodynamic fairing around a motorcycle or scooter certainly isn't a new concept. Sometimes, though, major efficiency gains aren't as easy to come by as first expected. That's why Dutch efficiency enthusiast Allert Jacobs' successes are so amazing. So far, Jacobs has improved his Honda Innova ANF125i scooter from about 114 miles per gallon when stock to a massive 214 mpg.

To reach that figure, Jacobs created a completely enclosed cockpit that changes the riding position to a feet-forward design with a canopy that offers vastly superior weather protection. In addition to the new bodywork, Jacobs also radically altered the bike's gear ratios so that the engine would turn at lower RPM when cruising.

Despite all that success, Jacobs isn't done yet – he's set a personal goal of 235 mpg (one liter per 100 kilometers). Perhaps the best part of the project is that Jacobs documented the entire process and is sharing all that he learned along the way.

[Source: Velomobiel, EcoModder]

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