Coming to you live from yesterday's EVCast, beatmasters Bo and Ryan have put together a mix using audio from the leaked audio of Dick Weir to highlight some of EESTOR's missed promises. It's got a beat, and the "jokes," such as they are, are really only for insiders. Still, if you know the history of secretive ultracapacitor company EESTOR and Zenn, then it's a good few seconds. Bretspot, the developer behind the amazing EESTOR timeline (above), has clipped out the song and made the short MP3 available. This song is not going to be a Top Ten hit, but it might edge out the Volt Song on some readers' most-played MP3 list. As tipster Mark D. says, this "sure beats the usual funeral dirge." Have a listen. Thanks to Mark D. for the tip!

[Source: EESTory]

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