is it officially time to give up on EESTOR? Technically, we have 12 months to wait and see if Ian Clifford, the CEO of Zenn Motors, comes through on his promise to demonstrate the semi-magical-sounding energy storage unit in 2010. But silence from company that is partnering with EESTOR on the quick-charging ultracapacitor is lighting up the discussion boards over at EESTORY. It's not like the companies have a stellar track record of meeting deadlines.

See, Zenn was supposed to get demonstration electrical energy storage units (EESU) to test by the end of 2009. The forum participants have been waiting for an official announcement from the car company, which said it would make a statement if any "material event" took place. Since no announcement has been issued and eveyone's in agreement that delivering the EESUs would be a material event, it appears that no such EESUs were delivered. There isn't proof one way or the other, of course, but leaving questions like this up in the air doesn't exactly build confidence. If nothing else, there's now a case to be made that hype maintenance is alive and well in 2010. Thanks to Mark D. for the tip!

[Source: EESTORY]

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