For about six hours recently, a leaked (we assume it was leaked) audiotape of someone speaking with EEStor CEO Dick Weir was available on Yahoo! video. Before the video was yanked, enterprising electric car fans managed to record the audio and have made it available around the net. What's amazing about this audio recording – and our knowledgable friends at EVCast vouch for its authenticity – is that for the first time, Weir is actually forthcoming with details about his company's EESU and what will happen with the product in the very near future. Here are the highlights:
  • EEStor's contract with ZENN is for energy units that cost "$100 / kWh, excluding electronics." This is very cheap, and Weir says that, "nobody is going to compete with us. Certainly not lithium ion."
  • EEStor has produced "tens of thousands of grams" of the powder needed for the EESUs, what Weir calls "a huge amount."
  • A company called Polarity, in California, is building the circuits that will be used in the ZENN cars. Polarity is making circuits for "other customers," but ZENN gets them first.
  • EEStor is "dealing a lot with people in the electrical vehicle business."
  • "I'm really in deep with Lockheed Martin. And here's what Lockheed Martin told everybody: 'We can't guarantee this works but we can't find reason why it won't work.'"
  • Weir believes EEStor will be "the greatest capacitor company in the world"
  • Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers owns about 20 percent of EEStor, and EEStor's founders still have a controlling interest in the company.
  • ZENN's next investment round will be around $75-$80 million.
  • Weir said that his EESU's will help buffer the U.S. electric grid in a big way. "Not only are we going to give the electric vehicle market a boost but also give them the energy to run it... We make wind and solar real. If you take our batteries and those with wind and solar, what you do is amortize out the variations and make it highly stablized. You can make a wind farm look just like a coal fired plant with our batteries. And make it very cost effective."
You can read a transcript of the conversation here and listen to the full interview here.

Recently, ZENN's Ian Clifford gave an interview with GM-Volt that said the EESU packs would be coming soon and he promised, "absolutely," that demonstrations will take place in 2010. The unverified numbers we've seen about the EESU is that it could be a 52kwh pack that provides a 250-mile range. So, do you think the audio is a true leak and we're finally getting the inside scoop on EEStor or is this just more hype maintenance?

[Source: The EEStory]

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