It's no secret that General Motors' Chevrolet Volt song and dance (ignoring the obvious jokes here...) have brought the automaker's marketing department some much-deserved flack. In case you've been living under a rock for the past few days, we'll recap: GM commissioned a song to explain some of the finer points of how the Volt's high-tech powertrain functions and later decided to add a dance routine to the jingle and let it loose on an unsuspecting public at the LA Auto Show.
According to Green Car Reports, the song was initially written for kids aged seven to 12 years old but wasn't quite ready in time for GM to use it during presentations given to 120 schools. Instead, the decision was made to add an ill-fated dance routine just ahead of the LA Show's public access days. Making matters worse is news that former marketing head Bob Lutz originally wanted to borrow the song "Electric Car" from They Might Be Giants. We figure GM would have been much better off going that route.

As irritating as it may be, is the Chevy Volt Dance really that big of a deal? While we'd argue that it shouldn't be, the real answer apparently depends on whom you ask. Fox News seems to think it's pretty horrible and GM's latest recently-appointed head marketer Susan Docherty responded, "Our Chevrolet Volt advertising, marketing and go to market strategy will be as innovative as the car. We may have missed on this one, but we won't going forward." We agree... it's officially time to move on. (Unless you haven't seen the offending dance yet – and that's available for viewing after the jump).

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