Chevy Volt: The Song

Chevy Volt and Me song -- Click above to watch the video

The Kraft company recently held a competition inviting the public to name its new Vegemite cream cheese spinoff. The name that won, and made it to shelves, was "iSnack 2.0." Really. It took one day of public cacophony to encourage Kraft to change the name to "Cheesybite," but we hear you can still find jars of iSnack 2.0 if you're inclined. Why do we bring this up? Because sometimes we wonder what insights marketers are using to make product roll-out decisions.

And what's that got to do with the Chevy Volt? The Chevy Volt's new theme song, Chevy Volt and Me. In this case, we know what the thought process was. Said the Volt's director of global marketing,

Our goal is to craft that education [about the Volt] in a manner that is family friendly (as it should be because we are America's original mass /heart brand), entertaining and simple to understand for a rather sophisticated product.

A Volt song helps us to achieve those objectives. 'Chevy Volt and Me' explains what Volt is all about as a better EV in simple friendly terms.

All right then. So it ain't Eye of the Tiger or Diesel Power, but it is catchy. Fast-paced, too, so you better pay attention because there's a lot in it. Follow the jump to watch a video of the Volt's gestation, made by the folks at the GM Volt site and set to the new tune. We dare you to listen to it once and not find yourself humming for the rest of the day, "It's so simple like a dimple plug it in and see."


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