VIDEO: Pastrana practice for record New Year's Eve jump goes awry

Travis Pastrana's practice jump - Click above to watch the video after the break

This is what we mean when we say Travis Pastrana is insane. Generally, whenever the world sees a ridiculous freestyle dirtbike or automobile trick, it goes off without a hitch. It almost seems like a foregone conclusion that the rider is going to execute a perfect jump or flip, wave to the cameras and hug his significant others. There's a reason for that...

That reason? In a word: Practice. Yes, just like your first grade teacher drilled into you decades ago, practice makes perfect. Usually. As you'll see in the video after the break, practice sessions are just as dangerous and death-defying as the actual stunts themselves. In fact, sometimes even more so.

For this particular feat of craziness, Pastrana is actually planning to jump off a ramp at the end of a pier over 250 feet of water to a waiting barge as part of a New Year's celebration. Assuming practice sessions indicate that it's possible... which, well, just hit the jump to watch the video.

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