In the same way that just about anything under Sir Richard Branson's "Virgin" umbrella has come to mean hip and edgy, things affixed with the "Red Bull" stamp are coming to mean "That's frickin' crazy!" Last year for New Year's Eve Robbie Maddison took his motorbike and leaped on to the 96-foot Arc de Triomphe replica in Las Vegas, then jumped the 96 feet back down to the ground.

This year for Red Bull's New Year, No Limits stunt, Travis Pastrana wants to break the record for the longest jump in his rallying Subaru. He'll be launching from the Pine Street Pier in Long Beach and hoping to make it onto a landing ramp more than 270 feet away. In between the pier and the ramp: 250 feet of water.

Pastrana's going for an old school jump, opting not to use a specially prepared car for the trick. Pastrana says he wants to drive out of the stunt and get back to the party, but also mentions Spanky Spangler as inspiration. Spangler did a 225-foot jump in a Chevy Nova, but he landed in the water -- on purpose. From 270 feet away, flying through the air, Pastrana's attempt to land on a barge will be like trying to alight on a pencil. If nothing else, it should make some excellent TV, and if he makes it unhurt a great start to the New Year.

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