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It's now or never. By the end of December General Motors will either divest itself of Saab by selling the Swedish automaker or by permanently closing its doors. And there is but one company bidding for the Swedish automaker -- Spyker -- which has yet to turn a profit. GM Chairman and interim CEO Ed Whitacre told a group of reporters at the company's Detroit headquarters that Spyker is the only automaker left bidding for the perennially struggling automaker. Whitacre reportedly told attendees that striking a deal was "possible," but he then reiterated that Saab would close if the deal isn't struck by the end of the year.

At the same time, the General is also reportedly selling off bits to the outgoing Saab 9-5 and the pre-2006 9-3 to Chinese automaker BAIC. Tooling for the vehicles is likely never to be used by GM or Spyker in the future so the move makes plenty of financial sense.

While the potential demise of Saab saddens us, especially when considering how close the Swedish automaker is to launching the new 9-5 and perhaps the 9-4, it's nice to see that the General is finally moving quickly and decisively to right its ship. Hat tip to MowtownMan!

[Source: Reuters]

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