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Here's a little bit more on the salvation/debacle of Saab. First of all, it should be pointed out that after our last report about Holland's Spyker trying to buy Saab, the freaks lovely people over at Saabs United pointed out some gaping holes in our reporting an inconsistency or two with the Reuters/our version of the facts. As such, we've gone ahead and vetted the information we're using for this post with the brain trust over at Saabs United. Hey, they really like Saabs, what can we say? And now, on to the story.

Automotive News
is reporting that China's Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Company (BAIC) has reached a deal with General Motors to acquire the tooling for both the Saab 9-3 and 9-5. Not so fast, says Saab's United! What they actually acquired is the tooling for the old 9-5, as well as the stuff for the pre-2006 9-3. Sort of a big difference, as obviously Saab's just getting geared up to roll out the all new 9-5 – and whomever winds up buying Saab will most likely want to offer both it and the existing 9-3 and its derivatives. Spyker's CEO Victor Muller confirms the BAIC deal is for "old equipment" and goes on to characterize the BAIC deal as, "Good news."

Then there's a bunch of no commenting. Obviously, General Motors has no comment on anything, though they do say that once a deal is reached they will say something. As far as we can tell, the pending Spyker deal is still a definite maybe. BAIC could not be reached to make a "no comment," and Saab's Eric Geer's stated, "
We can't comment on anything about the sales process." Though our Saabs United source does provide us with a juicy tidbit, "[Geer's] wife is Saab's head legal counsel so he's like the canary in the coal mine. If he ever resigns suddenly..."

So there you have it – Saab's future is still totally up in the air. Though our source says that in addition to the 9-5 sedan, there's a 9-5 wagon (SportCombi) that's "pretty much ready to go" as well as the 9-4x which has, "
been ready for about a year but Caddy had to get the SRX out first." Plus, a new 9-3 is being worked on. And one more thing – Saabs United is reporting that a Swedish group (not Renco) is also in talks with GM, in addition to the Spyker deal. We'll keep you posted.

[Source: Automotive News – subs req. | Saabs United]

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