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Wednesday evening before the inaugural Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last month, crowds gathered along the Corniche, Abu Dhabi's seafront boulevard. Two police cars sped down the road, swerved to a stop, an officer got out, pulled out his gun and began opening fire at a masked man pulling a checkered flag off a formula racing car. A driver climbed into the cockpit and drove off down the closed-off street to the applause of the gathered crowd as a marching band played on and a helicopter flew overhead. The point? Why, to promote road safety, of course!

The F999 – a formula racer decked out with emergency lights on the rear wing and police livery – is a project of the Abu Dhabi Police, and could very well be the fastest police car the world has ever seen. It's part of a public awareness campaign that sought to capitalize on the fever that swept the gulf emirate leading up to its first F1 race. The F999 is only the most recent in a slew of special police vehicles in the emirate that has recently included a police-spec Nissan GT-R, Chevrolet Camaro and a customer chopper, to name just a few. It's Abu Dhabi's way of getting people excited about road safety, and while it may seem counterintuitive to the rest of us, it's certainly garnered its fair share of attention. Follow the jump to watch video footage of the F999's unveiling and read more in the press release. Thanks for the tip, Ali!

[Source: Abu Dhabi Police]


Abu Dhabi Police "F999" car showcased in Corniche amid jubilation

ADP GHQ showcased its exciting sports car "F999" for public view amid jubilation of the crowds. The event organized under the theme, Abu Dhabi Police keeps pace with F1 Race which will kick off on Friday at Yass Island in Abu Dhabi.

The celebration was organized by the Secretariat General of the Office of HH the Deputy prime Minister and Minister of Interior, represented by the Department of Technical Affairs and security media.

During the festival Lt. Colonel Mubarak bin Muheiroom, Director of Community Policing Department honored exemplary drivers for their safe driving and their adherence to traffic rules. Lt.Majed Abdul Kareem Al Marzouqi drove the F999 for the public view to show them the modalities of formula 1 race followed by the falcon bike to a spectacular show which gave the public great excitement.

History on show

The festival presented a spectacular show of the Abu Dhabi Police development through history. The show included the dress and means of transport during those eras.
"The unique Falcon" bike

Abu Dhabi Police also showcased its motor bike "The falcon" which was designed by Orange County Choppers to include a mixture of UAE heritage and modern international styles. Major Fayssal Al Shamari, Chairman of F1 media Committee stated that the aim of ADP participation in this event was to communicate with the youth, especially motor bikers and speed car lovers.

Community Policing Motor bike

A tent was set up at the festival to showcase electrically-operated motor bikes in use by the Community Policing Personnel. They were intended to enhance direct communication with the community members.

Abu Dhabi Police Music band

Abu Dhabi Police Music Band entertained the audience with charming pieces of music. According to Captain Ibrahim Abdul Rahman Ismaeel Al Hosani, Head of Music band Section at Abu Dhabi Police confirmed that their participation was to communicate with community in all its occasions and events. The Music band is used to participate in any police events and reception of UAE VIP visitors.

Children Talk

A number of children Ameera Ahmed Kayed, 13 expressed her admiration for the exciting car: F999". Riham Sharaf Al Deen was attracted by laser show. Rima and Noor Sameer were attracted by the shape of the car "F999". Mohammad Al Tameemi, 7 (UAE national) said Abu Dhabi Police was fantastic. He was attracted by the beauty of the whole show, especially the car "F999".

Persons with special need

Hajir Qasim Hijazi, 16 and her mother, from Lebanon, said the "F999" was the most beautiful racing car I had ever seen. According to her she was informed about the festival by their Center and that it was necessary to participate in the festival.

Student Mohammad Saeed Al Tai, 16, UAE national said: "Because I am very keen to attend, I am still wearing the Institute Uniform, so as not to miss any glimpse of the festival".

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