Many Happy Returns? Russian designer pens Maserati Kuba concept

Maserati Kuba design study – Click above for high-res image gallery

It was only a few years ago, but how quickly we forget. Maserati actually toyed with the idea of building a crossover back in 2003, even going so far as to unveil a concept for the project called the Kubang GT Wagon at the Detroit Auto Show. The shape was penned by Giugiaro's ItalDesign, but project was scrapped, preserving the Trident marque's chastity in the eyes of many a purist. Now, an ambitious designer out of Russia has revived the idea with a concept he calls the Kuba. Sound familiar?

The brainchild of Andrey Trofimchuk Simeonych, the Maserati Kuba design study is, intriguing take on what a Maserati crossover could look like. Only it doesn't share any design themes with any Masers we can think of. Nor does it have any theoretical specifications attached, though surely a platform and powertrain could be found from the growing Fiat/ Chrysler automotive empire.

To our eye, it would look more suitable as a vision for what a future aircraft-engined Veritas sport-ute could look like, or maybe even a weird Citroën concept of some sort (is there any other kind?). Then again, maybe not. It's a love-it-or-hate-it affair, so have a look for yourself in the high-res image gallery below and share your impressions in our comments section. Just don't shoot the messenger.


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