Three Mercedes-Benz Hitler cars on sale for $9 million [w/VIDEO]

Hitler's Mercedes-Benz G4 W-131 Radio Car - click above image for hi-res gallery

Got $9,000,000 burning a hole in your pocket? If so, have we got an offer for you. Not one, not two, but three Mercedes-Benz G4 W-131 six-wheelers are up for grabs. Interesting, the cars have been appraised at $3.3 million each, so $9 million is basically a million dollars off! There is one catch, however. You're going to have to forever be explaining to people why you spend nine million bucks on three of Hitler's old cars.

Yes, that Hitler. Who, despite his innumerable faults, did in fact have great taste in cars. Not only did Der Fuhrer typically ride around in the oh-so-beautiful Mercedes-Benz 540K, but he instructed Ferdinand Porsche to go on and steal the Tatra T97 from the Czechs, turning the design into the Volkswagen Beetle. When Dr. Porsche voiced his concern about a Tatra lawsuit, Hitler reassured the good doctor that he'd "settle the matter," which Hitler did by invading Czechoslovakia. Curiously, good taste in cars seems to be a trait shared with other scumbag genocidal dictators -- Idi Amin owned seven Citroen SMs!

The three Mercedes up for sale are three of eight Hitler-owned G4s, that were stashed around Deutschland at his various castles. Only fifty-seven G4 W-131s were ever made, total. Here we have a convertible parade car for Hitler and Eva Braun (blue), a luggage car that could quickly be converted into an ambulance (gray) and a radio car so Hitler could order the invasion of Yugoslavia whenever the mood struck his fancy (black). The cars have six-wheels and are quite truckish because Hitler spent a lot of time rolling through the bombed out streets of cities he'd just blitzkrieged.

The three G4 W-131s actually do have some nifty Nazi tech, like 5.0 or 5.4-liter straight eight motors shared (though not supercharged) with the aforementioned 540K, four driven rear wheels with locking diffs and self sealing tires. And both the luggage car and radio car are (probably) the only examples ever built. Furthermore, the luggage car was used in Hogan's Heroes. However, how you'd ever get past the stigma of the original owner is beyond us. Video after the jump.

[Source: World War Cars via KREM]

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