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A couple of weeks ago we shared the trailer for a film about a very famous car from behind the Iron Curtain -- the Belgrade Phantom. However, it's been 20 years since the former Soviet Bloc began to disintegrate and frankly, much has changed. For instance, while a Porsche 911 might have been rarer than a UFO on the streets of Moscow in the 1980s, luxury cars of all stripes are essentially par for the course these days. In fact, some Muscovites take luxury sports cars to fantastic heights. Others, well, not so much.

And as happy as we are about the success of the free market in the former worker's paradise, we still have to say that we miss the old Commie cars. They had character. Style. Pizazz. Engine fires. A sort of blue collar, dare we say proletariat, integrity. Like sticking the radiator behind the engine, because that's how the heater works. And who among you doesn't crave a Trabant? Be honest. And what about a Volgo? Specifically, a super Volga that's able to fly around Moscow, get the girl and fight the bad guy in the equally capable but totally evil Mercedes-Benz S-Class? Think we've gone off our meds? Then you haven't made the jump and watched the video. Top tippage Ajmal.

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