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While we don't watch many of them, when we do get to see films from the region formerly known as Yugoslavia, we tend to like them. Case in point, check out Emir Kusterica's Underground. But that's not a car film. The Belgrade Phantom, on the other hand, is. Based on true story, the plot is that in 1979 when Tito was out of the country visiting Cuba, a car thief drives a white Porsche Targa S through the streets of Belgrade. Some view his hoonage as a challenge to Tito's power. Others feel he was once scorned by the police and he's out for revenge. Still others think he is delivering a rose to a love interest.

Regardless of the truth, 10,000 people pour into the streets nightly to watch and support his antics, while the police resolve to stop him at all costs. The thief takes the unusual step of calling radio stations and announcing his exploits. Sounds right up our alley, and a bit of a European homage to Vanishing Point. Which is a very good thing. The subtitled trailer can be found after the jump. Hats off to Drewbage for the tip!

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