Oligarchical Russian BMW R8 - click above image for high-res gallery

In the pantheon of automotive wrongs, the Slavic hoser behind this "BMW R8" spotted in Moscow is a god. Hang around this car blogging business long enough and you see a lot of terrible things at SEMA. But this thing is almost cake-taking. Some of y'all might remember the Bentley badged up as Hyundai from a couple years back -- but that was at least funny. This Audi/BMW is just... weird. For instance, if the guy's being serious, like, why not just buy an M6? They basically cost the exact the same amount. And also, isn't the Audi R8 somewhat more desirable? We're really at a loss as too why anyone would do this. Your thoughts? And a very special thanks to Justin for bringing this... thing to our attention. Shudder.

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