VIDEO: Year Over Year: 2010 Range Rover Sport destroys 2009 model in 0-100-0 dash

2010 Range Rover Sport Supercharged vs. the 2009 model -- Click above to watch video

The 2010 Range Rover Sport Supercharged is hugely improved over the old model – and we were fans of the old model. When we drove the normally aspirated model in 2008, we dug it except for the idiosyncratic interior. The 2010 Supercharged model not only features a redesigned cabin, but 517 horsepower and a new set of six-piston brakes up front to be sidekick. That's 127 horsepower more than the outgoing model. Add that to a 51 lb-ft torque surplus over the 2009 and you've got an SUV that goes faster and stops quicker.

It's such a big improvement that the 2010 model gets from zero to 100 mph and back to zero before the 2009 model gets to... well, you'll just have to follow the jump to see the video and find out.

[Source: Land Rover via YouTube]

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