The importation of the Nissan Skyline GT-R to the United States has been a Hollywood-sized epic spanning ten years. For a while, the only game in town was to go through Motorex for a crash-tested, USDOT and EPA-approved Godzilla. Unfortunately, the company owner let his fondness of Japanese hostess clubs take precedence over delivering cars. Since Motorex shut its doors in 2005, enthusiasts have been scouring each and every loophole in US Customs laws to keep the supplies flowing. In 2006 ,a company called Kaizo began taking orders. Their model, vastly different from Motorex's expensive methods, involved the importation of specialty-constructed Nissan Skyline GT-R bodies from Japan to be mated with customer-supplied powertrains upon delivery to the United States, thus creating a kit car (to put it simply).

Following the tradition that is the GT-R saga, Kaizo's actions have recently been called into question by pretty much every acronymed authority -- DOT, EPA, ICE, CARB, DOJ and FBI. Charges against Kaizo have yet to be filed, but along with a raid on company headquarters, various customers have been delivered letters suggesting exportation and some have even lost their rides. To date, five R34s and one R32 GT-R have been seized by kevlar-clad armed officers. Exasperated customers have banded together in an attempt to find some salvation in this mess, and it isn't only hardcore enthusiasts left out in the cold by the scandal either. Recently, rather high-profile operation utilized Kaizo resources to create a valuable franchise, and if the drama keeps up at this rate, perhaps the Nissan Skyline GT-R story could be their next project.

[Source: GTR USA Blog]

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