Report: Nissan Skyline importer Motorex shuttered, owner jailed on felony charges with $1M bond

The only Skyline that Nanahoshi Hiroaki appears likely to see for a while is the one through the window of his Los Angeles County jail cell. The owner of Motorex, America's only importer of the Nissan Skyline GT-R, is reportedly being held on $1 million dollars bail on a litany of charges ranging from financial malfeasance issues to assault with a deadly weapon and attempted kidnapping.

The future of R32-R34 Skylines in the U.S. beyond those already imported remains to be seen, but according to the Nissan/Infiniti Car Owners Club (NICO), Motorex's facilities have been forcibly closed due to their failure to pay rent.

[Sources: DriveWire and Auto-NSK.RU]

(Thanks for the tip, Damon!)

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