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There will always be something special about the Jeep Grand Wagoneer that keeps the original Sport Utility Vehicle entrenched firmly on our list of truly iconic American automobiles. Somehow, despite the old-school design and fake wood paneling, the GW manages to look both classy and capable at once.

Though we'll take our Grand Wagoneer exactly as God and American Motors intended, we think this stretched limo-spec Woodie is rather tastefully done as well. If nothing else, it's far cooler that any stretched-to-the-hilt Hummer H2 we've ever laid eyes on. According to the seller (the original ad can be found here), this model is an '87 and features the trusty 360 cubic inch V8 engine, automatic transmission and the requisite four-wheel drive.

It looks to be in good shape inside and out, as it should with just over 43,000 miles showing on the clock. As an added bonus, this Grand Wagoneer sports an attractive black exterior, a fake forest's worth of wood paneling and a very nice tan interior. Take it home for $24,900. Just be sure to replace those awful wheels with something more appropriate... like stock steelies with chrome trim rings.

[Source: Hemmings Auto Blog]

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