Chevrolet SSR with a Porsche complex – Click above for image gallery

If you like Porsche sportscars, may we suggest that you avert your eyes. Ironically, we'd still recommend the same if you aren't a fan of Stuttgart's Cayenne. Because if you thought that Porsche having an SUV was tough to swallow, that ain't nothin' compared to what's been done to this Chevrolet SSR.

Outfitted with the wheels, brakes and what appears to be a number of interior pieces from the Porsche 911 GT3, this particular SSR seems to be suffering from something of an identity crisis. (We dare not ask what the donor Porsche came away looking like). But that's not all: the owner appears to have made some unique modifications to the body as well, including a whale's mouth (ostensibly in, um... "tribute" to the GT3's whale tail spoiler, which rather surprisingly has not been fitted to the Chevy's bed cover) and rather small (presumably high-intensity discharge) headlamps.

If you're wondering when you might happen upon the unique creature, this mod job is far away from U.S. roads in Rügland, Germany, and comes to us via the magic of the internet. You're welcome. However, it can actually be yours for one easy payment of $105,000. No, we're not kidding. But if you're actually contemplating dropping that much cash on something like this, perhaps you might consider letting us steer you towards greener pastures, like, perhaps a genuine Porsche?

[Source: eBay Motors]

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