Larry Burns has served as General Motors Vice president of research and development for 11 years, a tenure longer than anyone else since the original holder of that office, Charles Kettering. This fall however, Burns will be strolling off into the sunset as he has opted for retirement. Before he exits the building for the last time, he will sit down at the computer for a web chat with the online masses. Burns has been been one of the major advocates at General Motors of taking personal transportation into the future with technologies like electrification, hydrogen fuel cells, communications and more.
During previous conversions with AutoblogGreen, Burns has acknowledged that GM made a mistake in ending the EV1 program the way it did instead of keeping the cars on the road. Nonetheless, Burns is a firm believer that hydrogen is the better long term solution than batteries. Regardless of the powertrain other technologies like vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure communications and autonomous vehicles can do much to reduce traffic congestion, fuel consumption and improve safety.

Join in the chat right here on ABG at 3pm EDT today just below the fold.

[Source: General Motors]

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