One of the most public proponents of hydrogen-powered vehicles at GM, Larry Burns, will announce that he is retiring soon, according to the Detroit Free Press. Burns has worked at GM for 40 years, and currently serves as vice president of research, development and strategic planning there. He spoke to AutoblogGreen many, many times about the need for more investment in H2-powered vehicles. He was also the lead GM representative at the PUMA launch earlier this year. Even though the Freep says that Burns decided to retire a month ago, when GM emerged from bankruptcy last week, CEO Fritz Henderson said that executive shake-ups would be part of the New GM.
Pro-hydrogen blogger Greg Blencoe will miss Burns, and wrote the following about him:
On April 2, 2008 at the National Hydrogen Association annual meeting in Sacramento, he gave what I think is the most important speech ever given on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

It was the first time I heard an influential person urgently stress the need to get started on building the hydrogen fueling infrastructure. Since that time, other car companies have been much more vocal about the need to get the hydrogen fueling stations built.

I think history will look upon that speech as one of the key turning points on the path to getting large numbers of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the road.

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[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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