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When Bob Lutz came to General Motors, he was charged with turning around the company's unimaginative product development. In Maximum Bob part deux, GM's most senior leader is turning his attention to marketing, where the Detroit automaker has been less than cutting edge. Lutz appears to be spending a lot of his time focusing on Buick, a brand turning the corner in terms of product while also simultaneously messing the bed with those awful "Take a look at me now" commercials that have drawn the praise of absolutely nobody.

Blogger Bob is set to unveil an all new marketing campaign for Buick titled "The new class of world class," which aims to sell new products like the critically acclaimed 2010 LaCrosse. Lutz has said that he wants the new commercials to better convey the design and function of the Buick lineup. He seems to like what he sees from the new spots, which have yet to be aired. Automotive News quoted Lutz as calling the spots "aggressive stuff." We're looking forward to to seeing them ourselves, as long as they don't involve an annoying guy with a bull horn and an Enclave by the pool.

[Source: Automotive News, sub. req'd]

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