2010 Honda Accord Crosstour - Click above for image gallery

Honda is now in full-on damage control mode over the Accord Crosstour Facebook fiasco, a PR catastrophe that will likely be discussed in college marketing courses for years to come. As you probably know by now, the 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour quickly became a bubble-butted piñata after its global unveiling via Facebook, where social media users get to vent their spleens have their say, and what they had to say, in a nutshell, was "Ugly!"

The situation became more embarrassing when Honda got snagged deleting select comments from the stream, including one from a pro-Crosstour individual who wound up actually being a Honda product planner. Unfortunately, he neglected to identify himself as such before posting. Honda finally saw fit to respond to the awkwardness with several paragraphs of PR boilerplate that included, among other things, an explanation that the car's really not all that ugly, you see. It simply doesn't look good in the pictures that were posted initially, and new shots would be forthcoming to "clear things up" on the matter of the car's apparently regrettable styling.

Well, those new Honda Accord Crosstour shots are up on Facebook now. Do they help? Frankly, we don't think so. Sure, the car's more red, but it's no less the homely hatchwagon. We've added a new poll after the jump, so let us know if your minds have changed as a result of the new images.

[Source: Facebook]

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