Official Honda Crosstour Facebook page all lit up with early negativity [w/POLL]

2010 Honda Crosstour - click above image for hi-res gallery

Ruh roh. Looks like Honda's "friends" aren't so happy about the upcoming Crosstour. And rather than us tell you why that might be, we'll let the people speak for themselves. And we'll let Honda's marketing types speak back to the people. Here's the first three comments on the page, warts and all:
Was really hoping this car was going to look like the JDM or the Tourer...but we got neither. Very dissapointed!!! -- Ciamaris R.

The bad move here was teasing a wagon and delivering this Aztec/Venza, why? They don't appeal to the same people (wagons appeal to existing Honda, Subaru & VW owners and CUV's to people who buy cars solely for their street presence (it... helps if they aren't ugly btw)). Through inept PR you've set yourselves up for an instant backlash that is going to dominate the press narrative for this car's launch...and you deserve it. Were you trying to keep a lid on the new Venza competitor? To what purpose? Did you really think that Toyota didn't know this was coming down the pipe? You've dissapointed and angered existing, money in hand customers by raising their expectations and then showing them a product you must know they would consider a betrayal of your brand heritage. If you had announced the CUV aspect of this ahead of time all those buyers would have tuned out this release and just kept on waiting for the wagon, faith in brand intact... -- Ted G .

Excellent another hideous car from Honda. This should be a real sales leader in the Early 40's Soccer Mom demographic. How about a legitimate replacement for the S2000 or NSX instead more garbage like this? -- Andrew C .
Ouch! But Honda's not going to take this kinda smack talk lying down, no sir. Read the official defense and vote in our poll after the jump.

Are you ready for it? Because here's what " Honda Crosstour" says in defense:
Also here is some quick info on why this car might be the right fit for you.

1. Accord doesnt have 4WD.
2. CR-V desnt have V6
3. Lower than CR-V , higher than Accord.
4. More room than Accord.
5. More aggressive looks than Sedan Accord and some might a......gree coupe.
6. Comes with 18inch wheels.
7. Fog Lights Standard
Oh snap! And the first response to that stinging rebuttal is, "Booooooo it looks waaaay uglier than the accord." But wait – there's more fun to be had. Check out this exchange when "Honda Crosstour" happily announces that it now has wallpapers for all the very unhappy "friends" to download.
If I had a wallpaper of this car I would have to find a way to clean VOMIT outta my keyboard. -- Matt Q.

We hear you bud. You made your point. Some people will enjoy this car and this is for them -- Honda

Blind people can't drive... Matt Q.

Guess it just goes to show that just because a corporation can take advantage of social networking doesn't mean then should. Or something. Because remember – this is Honda's "official" Crosstour page, and the "This car is hideous!" heat doesn't stop. Have a look for yourself. Hat tip to Andy B!

[Source: Facebook]

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