Regular AutoblogGreen readers will surely recognize the name Greg Blencoe. The organizing force behind Hydrogen Car Revolution often comments in posts relating to hydrogen and/or plug-in vehicles and certainly has his critics on these pages. Actually, make that commented.

Blencoe has made it public that he's done participating in the discussion – which, granted, sometimes gets heated and, sadly, a bit personal – of issues here. You can read his farewell to AutoblogGreen, and take note that he does "apologize to anybody on AutoblogGreen that I have offended through my actions." We expect to continue to link to his blog in the future when there's something of interest to the ABG community, but for now we'll just point readers to Blencoe's list of Top Ten Hydrogen Car Revolution posts of all time. Any final thoughts from our readers?

[Source: Hydrogen Car Revolution]

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