In recent months, Honda and its Acura division have been struggling with future product plans and how to deal with falling sales and rising fuel economy demands. Acura, in particular, has struggled recently and shifted a significant part of its lineup toward SUVs and crossovers. Acura has already shelved plans for V8 and V10 engines for RL and NSX.

Automotive News is now reporting that Acura may instead revive the RSX which was discontinued in 2006. With Honda adding the CR-Z hybrid sport coupe next year, it seems possible that Acura could add a new compact using the CR-Z's hybrid powertrain. With BMW, Volvo and Audi all offering compact models and Lexus expected to add one soon, it would make sense for Acura to get back to the segment where the original Integra debuted. The Civic is getting a redesign for model year 2011 so a new RSX could be spawned off of that.

[Source: Automotive News - sub req'd]

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