Cruel, sick joke: Bentley Continental badged as a Hyundai

click above image for high-res views of this abomination

Some rich people have too much time on their hands and a sick sense of humor. Witness this, a perfectly good Bentley Continental GT adorned with Hyundai badges – HYUNDAI badges!. It's not as if the owner just stuck them on with double-sided tape, either – the hood badge, logo on the trunk lid and in the center cap of each wheel look professionally applied, as if they were meant to be there all along. (We checked with Bentley, they're not ever supposed to be there.) But hey, if you're wealthy, you may as well do it right, you know? Actually, we're thinking this guy lost a bet with his Ferrari buddies and was forced to transform his six-figure Conti into a Tiburon wannabe. Sigh... check out the rest of the pics in our gallery below. They were shot and sent us to us by Autoblog reader Michael in L.A.

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