GTP Hotchkis Porsche 962 -- click image above to watch the video

In the mid-Eighties, Porsche released the 962, a long-wheelbase variant of the 956, to compete in IMSA's GTP class and later in Group C (as the 962C). Even though IMSA's GTP rules stipulated that only one (unfortunately named) KKK turbocharger could be used, the 962 was bloody-your-nose fast.

This past weekend at the Monterey Historics, Mark Hotchkis proved just how fast the 962 was/is by lapping half the field in his class during a ten lap race. That's kinda ridiculous. In fact, the only car that gave Hotchkis any trouble at all was a nine-year newer ALMS Kremer-Porsche Spyder K8 (the same type of car Derek Bell raced at his final Le Mans). Anywho, we've got a righteous video of the 962 quite literally eating up Laguna Seca at 10/10s after the jump. Oh, and that metal wheel Hotchkis's left hand keeps fiddling with? That's the boost dial which can summon up to 50 pounds of pressure. Put another way, crank your computer's volume all the way up. Thanks to Dan K for the video.

[Source: Grand Touring Prototype]

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