Conventional wisdom says that you can't sell station wagons in the States, but that type of thinking is so 2002. Back then, why would a manufacturer sell a low profit-margin wagon when they could instead sell you an all-profit SUV? Two kids under the age of six? You need a Denali. These days, now that SUVs have largely been exposed for what they always were -- rarely necessary -- station wagons are making a lot more sense. Take for instance the coming real soon Cadillac CTS SportWagon (and the possibly/maybe we-can't-believe-it's-actually-going-to-happen CTS-V SportWagon).

And why not an Acura wagon, specifically a TSX five-door? According to our broheims at Car and Driver, Acura is close to giving the TSX Wagon the green light. Think about the market for a moment. Audi sells lots of wagons, BMW has the both the 3 and 5 Series wagons, Mercedes-Benz has the C-Class wagons and now Caddy has the CTS Wagon. What's missing? Japanese luxury wagons. Until now, the Infiniti and Lexus (and Acura) have been putting all of their eggs in the luxury CUV segment. But if Chrysler and GM's bankruptcies have taught us anything, it's ABD -- Always Be Diversifying. Now we just have to see if Acura pulls the trigger.

[Source: Car & Driver]

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