Spy Shot? Porsche Cayman Shooting Brake revealed?

Yes, well, wouldn't this be something. We've heard rumors and innuendo concerning the supposed Porsche Cayman Shooting Brake. In many ways, a shooting brake (also properly spelled with a hyphen -- shooting-brake) is the perfect vehicle. Small and light like a sports car, but capable and practical like a station wagon. Combine chocolate with peanut butter and voila! A most excellent product.

Is this for real? Probably not. The first one spotted, the black Cayman Shooting Brake, was most likely a cardboard and tape job hacked together to allow engineers easy access to the engine bay. Maybe Porsche broke down and shoved a much needed turbo (or two) into the Cayman's rump. But hey, maybe, this really is a leaked photo of Porsche's first ever shooting brake (or something from Rinspeed?), and not just an ambitious but ultimately fake Photoshop. Wouldn't that be sweet?

[Source: World Car Fans]

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