Spy Video: Porsche Cayman Shooting Brake caught on camera phone?

Camera phones are turning into quite an asset in this business, as readers of various automotive news sites across the interwebs and around the world have turned into legions of spy photographers. In this instance, one such reader-turned-paparazzo (apparently in Italy, no less) caught on video what appears to be some sort of Porsche Cayman Shooting Brake test mule.

Looking something like the product of a one-night-stand between said Porsche and either a Volvo C30 or an original BMW Z3-based M Coupe, the supposed mule is wearing all black, but apart from that, it appears to be undisguised. Of course, this could be a one-off made by someone with no official connection to Porsche ( Rinspeed, anyone?), but then again, it could be a harbinger of a model to come. What do you make of it? Follow the link to view the spy video and voice your opinion in our comments section below. Thanks for the tip, Bill!

[Source: Top Gear]

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