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There's no question that well-designed and implemented bike lanes improve safety for cyclists by making them less likely to be hit by passing automobiles, and that's especially true after the sun goes down. LightLane thinks it has the solution in the form of frickin' laser beams downward-pointing green lasers on either side of a flashing red LED tail lamp. Designed to clamp on to nearly any seatpost, the system produces an instant virtual bike lane that appears in bright green on either side of the rider as the bicycle moves forward.

A single charge of the onboard lithium ion battery pack provides three hours of continuous use, and any universal cell phone charger is reportedly capable of recharging the battery pack. We'd still suggest wearing a reflective jacket or vest along with the rest of the applicable safety gear, but anything that improves the safety of cyclists is fine by us. Click past the break for a video of a LightLane prototype in action.

[Source: LightLane]


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