Spec out your own Maserati - in 1/43 scale

If you're looking for a Maserati that's easier on your wallet, or a treat for a Maserati lover, then you should check out the Maserati model configurator. Three base models in 1/43 scale are available: Quattroporte, Quattroporte S, and Granturismo S. From there you can choose from among seven exterior and two interior colors, four or five different brake caliper colors, two or three different kinds of rims, and select a sunroof which is made of glass. No, it doesn't open.

You can even select a personalized license plate written in one of four fonts. Naturally, once you're finished, you can buy it. The models are € 230 ($320 US), which includes shipping, and are sent within 30 days. If your Maserati doesn't match your expectations, you can return it (good luck doing that with a real car). If you don't want to go all the way then you can just display your modeling prowess in the virtual showroom. Everybody wins.

[Source: Maserati]

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