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The most absurdly expensive automotive-branded gifts and merchandise

Would you pay $13,000 for a jacket?

When it comes to branded automotive merchandise, there are some insanely overpriced products. These are some of the worst offenders.

Spec out your own Maserati - in 1/43 scale

If you're looking for a Maserati that's easier on your wallet, or a treat for a Maserati lover, then you should check out the Maserati model configurator. Three base models in 1/43 scale are available: Quattroporte, Quattroporte S, and Granturismo S. From there you can choose from among seven exterior and two interior colors, four or five different brake caliper colors, two or three different kinds of rims, and select a sunroof which is made of glass. No, it doesn't open.

We want Limited Edition Dodge Challenger sculptures

Click above for image gallery of the Bend Rod Garage Challenger sculptures