Volkswagen continues inscrutable naming practice with new Amarok pickup

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Remember when Volkswagen just named their cars for different winds? Scirocco, Jetta, Corrado, Santana – they all had a certain clean, sweeping quality about them, even if it wasn't immediately clear where the names came from. More recently, however, VW has gone further afield, invoking cryptic names like Touareg (a nomadic Saharan tribe) and Tiguan (Tiger + Iguana). Add this to the list: Amarok.

That's the official name for VW's forthcoming overseas market pickup truck. According to the automaker's press release, Amarok means "wolf" in the language of the hearty, frigid-dwelling Inuit. Alternatively, VW says the appelation "translates into 'he loves stones' in the languages spoken in South America." We'll have to take their word for it, but we can certainly see some sort of stoning at work here.

For its part, Volkswagen actually hasn't unveiled the production version of the Amarok yet, although it did display the fetching concept version (labeled simply as 'Concept Pickup') seen here at last September's IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hanover, Germany, and a prototype example was even spotted running around the Nürburgring in April.

In any case, VW promises the Amarok will launch as a double-cab, four-wheel drive pickup, with a smaller single-cab variant to follow. Built in Argentina, the diesel pickup will hit South America early next year, with Central America coming on stream in the spring, followed by Russia, Europe, Africa, and Australia. As expected, North America isn't in the model's plans at this time. Check out the full press release after the jump.

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4 June 2009


The new Volkswagen pickup, showcased as a concept last year and due to be launched in Europe in 2010, is to be called the Amarok.

The new name means 'wolf' in the language of the Inuit, one of the Eskimo people who live in northern Canada and Greenland who highly regard the wolf as king of the wilderness and a figure of robustness, endurance and superiority. It translates into 'he loves stones' in the languages spoken in South America.

'This name fits the characteristics of our pickup perfectly, which will set new standards in its class,' says Stephan Schaller, CEO of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. 'We took great care selecting this name, which can be used globally and is meant to invoke positive associations in all relevant international markets. The Amarok is a powerful and robust vehicle with great stamina – just like the wolf,' he continued.

Developed from scratch, the Amarok will be launched as a double-cab pickup with four-wheel drive, while a single-cab version will be introduced later. It will be powered by Volkswagen's powerful yet efficient, next generation common rail turbo diesel engines which will achieve class leading fuel consumption and emissions.

The Amarok is an important new model in the strategic growth plans for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and will be produced at its Pacheco plant near Buenos Aires in Argentina. It will be launched first in South America in early 2010, followed by Central America in Spring 2010, then Russia and Europe in the summer, as well as Africa and Australia. Prices, specifications and on-sale dates for the UK will be announced next year.

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