Volkswagen has just sent out one of its latest models to tackle the Nürburgring. While that in and of itself is not necessarily newsworthy, the fact that it was their upcoming midsize pickup truck, is. While the firm's new Scirocco GT24-CNG is set to contest the 24 hour race at Germany's Nordschliefe, spotting their new production truck at the track was a bit of a shocker.
The track is a great test of a car's handling, power delivery and braking, spanning some 73 turns over its sinuous 18 miles, but the truck isn't expected to be offered in any performance versions as far as we know. Perhaps it was being used as a parts delivery vehicle?

Whatever the reason for its presence at the track, the shooters at Brenda Priddy and Co. caught it for our entertainment. When the truck goes on sale in South America, South Africa, Australia and Europe, it is likely to be called the Robust and will be built at the VW plant in Pacheco, Argentina. No times have been posted for this Green Hell Hauler, but we admit we're more than a little curious.


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