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While we wait for the $10 million Automotive X Prize road races to get started, our old friend Jory Squibb is organizing a 100-mile race through Massachusetts that will put some of the most efficient and unusual vehicles around today through their paces. Called the One Gallon Challenge, the race will go from Greenfield, MA to Boston on Friday, August 20. The questions that Jory wants to answer with the Challenge is this: "Could a safe, comfortable car be designed and then driven [100 miles] using the amount of energy stored in a single gallon of gasoline?"

Some of the vehicles scheduled to join the drive include the Tri-Hybrid Stealth, the Dirigo (much more than a frame and wheels, as it was back in early 2008), and the "Green Giant" Chevy Blazer. When a vehicle has a hybrid powertrain or doesn't use gasoline at all, the energy equilavent will be used. If you have a vehicle that you'd like to enter, head on over to the Challenge website for details on how to enter. More details and pictures are also available after the jump.

As for Jory, it's no surprise that he's organizing this event. Way back in 2006, when we talked about his Moonbeam car at the Alt Car Expo in Santa Monica, he said, "A gallon of gas is a miracle." Now he's trying to prove it.

[Source: Jory Squibb, One Gallon Challenge]



Cars you've never seen before hit the road to Boston

Camden, Maine - Nestled in the Connecticut River valley, Greenfield Mass. is 100 miles west of Boston. Could a safe, comfortable car be designed and then driven from there to Boston using the amount of energy stored in a single gallon of gasoline? This summer, we'll find out!

On August 19 the public and press will inspect an unusual gaggle of next-generation cars in downtown Greenfield, and the following morning the checkered flag will signal the start of an unusual "race".

These high-efficiency cars must get to Boston's Greenfest, at City Hall Plaza, within three hours, using as little energy as possible. Some are electrics, some hybrids, and others use diesel or gasoline for fuel. But all cars will display how much energy they used for the trip, while they are on display at the Greenfest on Friday, August 20, and Saturday August 21. see bostongreenfest.org

"At this point, we're looking for cars to participate." says Jory Squibb, organizer of the event. "Some may not quite make it to Boston, but may finish the last stretch of the fixed route on their trailers, and be exhibited with the finishers".

"It doesn't necessarily take new technology to produce a 100 MPG vehicle," Squibb said. For instance, three vehicles now entered use low weight, good aerodynamics and small engines. "Dirigo" recently took second place at Watkins Glen' s "Green Grand Prix" acheiving 89.9 mpg. Roo Trimble's sleek "Roopod" is also a diesel-powered three-wheeler . See roopod.com for details. Squibb's own entrant, Moonbeam, may take some yoga to be comfortable in, but has already traveled 10,000 miles at 100 MPG.

But hold your hats. We expect several contestants from the Progressive Auto-X Prize, which is offering multi-million dollar prizes in 2010 for efficient, marketable cars. Many of these cars go far beyond traditional concepts and some are even in production right now.

Mark your calendars: Aug 20 in Greenfield, or Aug 21-22 at Boston City Hall Plaza. If you have a car to enter, write to Jory Squibb at jsquibb@ myfairpoint.net. For more details and updates on the One Gallon Challenge, see moonbeamplans.com

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