Click above for a gallery of the ExerTrike Tri-Hybrids

The Tri-Hybrid Stealth (above) and Tri-Hybrid (below the jump) are on display at the Washington Auto Show in of the Green Car Pavilion. Not exactly cars, but certainly very green, the Tri-Hybrid is part recumbent bicycle, part covered trikes and part hybrids. A tribrid, actually, since it can operate on battery, leg, or motor power (not all of the time, though). The wicked-looking Tri-Hybrid Stealth had its official unveiling at the show. The seats two, should get 150 mpge, has "full safety features" and its designers are confident it can do well in the Auto X Prize.

These vehicles, and many more, are available from ExerTrike, the company behind the bike/boat combo the Pedal Paddle. C'mon, guys, let's get all of these technologies into one vehicle already.

[Source: ExerTrike]

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