Car-B-Q: X-Series Grill by Porsche Design Studio

Porsche owners have long reveled in their ability to smoke the competition on track and street, but now Porschephiles can also leave their marque's mark on the backside of burgers, hotdogs and ribeyes. Grill marks, of course.
Barbeques Galore and Porsche Design Studio have burned the midnight oil for two years while working on the the new X-Series Grill. Under its sleek, German-styled exterior lies some fairly hot grilling technology. Instead of the standard gas burners found in most grills, the X-Series uses four infrared burners that can crank out 52,000 BTUs using 50% less fuel with 80% fewer flare-ups. By our very rough shadetree estimates, that should be good for a zero to steak time of about 10 minutes. Or so.

With a starting sticker price of $5,999 Porsche Design's first grill comes with a motorized rotisserie, an LCD temp display with remote probe, and an insulated double-walled hood. Step up to the X-Series Island (above) for $8,499 for a stainless steel finish and concealed cupboards and gas cylinder storage.

All models are covered under a lifetime warranty for service, parts and repair. Also included is the right to brag to your numbers that you have a Porsche in your backyard.

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