Hoofy and Boo: Click above to watch the video after the jump

You may or may not have heard of Hoofy and Boo. They're animated characters from the site Minyanville. Hoofy is the big, confident anchorman that just so happens to be a CGI bull. Boo is a bit more cynical about the world at large, and it appears he's not very fond of Chrysler or Fiat for that matter.

The two took on the issue of the Chrysler-Fiat tie-up, with Hoofy behind the desk and Boo on-location in the most blight-filled location in Detroit. While Hoofy was all about the alliance and Chrysler's restructuring, Boo seems to want to dance on the grave of both companies. He points out the poor quality records of both companies, and gets in some zingers about some of the failed vehicles of both companies past. And yes, you do hear gun shots and police sirens in the background.

The caption for the video is "two turkeys combine in an ill-conceived effort to make an eagle." Too bad Chrysler ditched Eagle over 10 years ago. Hit the jump to view the two minute video for yourself.

[Source: Minyanville]

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