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FCA CEO Mike Manley will take undefined new role after PSA merger

Group Chairman John Elkann is 'delighted' the combined group will be led by PSA CEO Carlos Tavares

Fiat Chrysler Chief Executive Mike Manley will remain with the new group set to result from a planned merger with French rival PSA-Peugeot , Chairman John Elkann said on Wednesday. In a letter to Fiat Chrysler (FCA) employees on the day the two companies announced a binding agreement for a $50 billion tie-up to create the world's fourth-largest carmaker, Elkann said he was "delighted" that the combined group would be led by current PSA CEO Carlos Tavares. "And Mike Manley, w

FCA-Renault revival may hinge on willingness to cut Nissan stake

A compromise could also be made to share technologies

A compromise could also be made to share technologies.

FCA compromises with France, moving Renault merger bid forward

The deal has now moved to Renault's board of directors for review

The deal has now moved to Renault's board of directors for review.

FCA revises Renault merger offer in a bid to persuade French government

If approved, the combined company would be headquartered near Paris

If approved, the combined company would be headquartered near Paris.

Nissan tells Renault it is 'not opposed' to Fiat Chrysler merger plan

'Many details need to be worked out' before Nissan solidifies its position

"Many details need to be worked out" before Nissan solidifies its position.

Fiat Chrysler and Renault are in advanced partnership talks

Where exactly would Nissan fit into all of this?

Where exactly would Nissan fit into all of this?

Hyundai reportedly eyeing a takeover of FCA

Hyundai's CEO wants to launch the bid before Sergio Marchionne retires

Hyundai's CEO wants to launch the bid before Sergio Marchionne retires.

'Zero' chance of Renault taking over Nissan, Mitsubishi, says Ghosn

Alliance not discussing full merger

Alliance not discussing full merger.

Nissan, Renault in talks to merge as one company

The idea is to get bigger to compete in a fast-changing industry

Nissan and Renault have been tied together as an alliance for nearly 20 years, but now the Japanese and French automakers are discussing whether to merge. Bloomberg, citing unidentified sources familiar with the confidential talks, reports that the idea is to form a single publicly traded company to better compete against giants like Toyota and Volkswagen.

Fiat Chrysler's Marchionne is done talking about alliances

Instead, FCA will focus on executing its plan to become profitable.

"The primary focus is the execution of the plan," he said.

Tesla merger with SolarCity officially approved by shareholders

It wasn't without controversy, but at last the deal is done.

Uber China merges with rival Didi Chuxing

The combined company is valued at $35 billion.

Auto Mergers and Acquisitions: Suicide or salvation?

Sergio Marchionne is very publicly seeking a merger between FCA and GM. It may work out well for him, but is it the right choice for the long haul?

Marchionne Talks FCA-GM Merger | Autoblog Minute

It’s no secret that FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne wants industry consolidation but without any deal takers it seems as though he’s ready to consider a hostile takeover.

Marchionne ready to get tough with GM over merger

Sergio Marchionne is hinting that a hostile takeover attempt could be in the cards to get GM at least to consider a merger with FCA. He believes the combined companies could have earnings of $30 billion annually.

Spyker exits bankruptcy with electric aircraft company

Spyker has exited bankruptcy protection in the Netherlands, and is now preparing to merge with Portland-based electric aircraft manufacturer Volta Volaré.

UAW may be key to forced FCA merger with GM

Sergio Marchionne sees cooperation with the UAW as a key to a future merger with General Motors. In the deal, Marchionne could potentially take advantage of the 8.7 percent of GM stock that's owned by the union's health care trust.

Toyota, Ford not interested in FCA merger

Senior executives at both Toyota and Ford have been quoted as rejecting the idea of merging with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, despite Sergio Marchionne's repeated calls for consolidation.

Marchionne recruiting activist investors to prompt GM merger

Rebuffed in his advances, Fiat Chrysler chief Sergio Marchionne is now reportedly turning to activist investors to compel General Motors into considering a merger.

FCA chairman confirms Marchionne email to Barra

FCA chairman John Elkann confirms that Sergio Marchionne sent Mary Barra an email to suggest a merger.

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