Opel Ampera - Click to enlarge

With all the confusion and fast-moving news coming from GM troubles (Saturn hybrids? Say what?), there is one thing you can count on: GM is keeping the Volt. Of course they're keeping the Chevy Volt - that was never in question - but things were just a tiny bit less clear regarding GM's possible sale of Opel. Whatever happens with the brand, the Opel Apmera, the European version of the Volt, remains in GM's hands. Earth2Tech got the goods from both GM and Opel spokespeople, who both confirmed that the Ampera is still on schedule to start prodction in late 2011. This shouldn't come as a surprise, the Ampera is pretty much the Volt with a different badge, but it does put the car's plug-in hybrid technology on that "GM needs it to survive" pedestal that the Volt seems to find itself on so often these days.

[Source: Earth2Tech]

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