Plug-in Saturn Vue not dead, will be revived (sorta) by 2011

For all the jokes about how Americans now own GM, it turns out that AutoblogGreen readers and GM executives think alike. In a poll we ran yesterday, the most popular choice for what to do with the Saturn hybrid powertrains was " Move the powertrain to the Equinox." A GM spokesperson said today that, although the brand itself will indeed be sold, the powertrain - both the standard and plug-in versions - will be migrated to other vehicles in the GM stable, according to Automotive News. The new PHEV will come to fleet vehicles in early 2011 with Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC or Buick badging and might someday make it to dealer lots. As with the Chevy Volt, the fate of the new PHEV will be affected by the price of gasoline. Nice work, y'all, just remember to not take the corporate jet to DC any time soon.

[Source: Automotive News (subs req'd)]

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